The Baltic States shared SAO’s experience

13.04.2018 10:42:00

Head of the Financial Monitoring Service of Political Parties of the State Audit Office Zurab Aznaurashvili participated in the round table of experts held in Vilnius, Lithuania organized by the OSCE Office for Democracy and Human Rights and Central Election Commission of the Republic of Lithuania.

The meeting aimed to sharr experience over the introduction of e-reporting program process for Lithuania and the Baltic States. As the participants of the meeting noted, Baltic countries shared the experience of different countries, including Georgia, in the implementation of the e-reporting program.

The conference was also attended by the representatives of the US Federal Election Commission as well as representatives of different bodies of UK, Spain, Norway and other European countries.

Within the scope of the conference, experts from different countries and those involved in the monitoring repeatedly highlighted the success of the reforms carried out by the State Audit Office of Georgia and introduced e-reporting systems. Experts underlined the examples of the successful cooperation and experience sharing by the SAO.